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Royal Chef Exclusif

Rosinox Grandes Cuisines conçoit et réalise le fourneau répondant à toutes vos exigences. Il sera unique et personnalisé suivant vos besoins, alliant originalité et fonctionnalité.



The work top can be fitted with one or more elements: open burners, seering plate, fryers, grills, radiant or induction hobs, bain-marie, etc.

The lower part can be fitted with oven, heating cupboard, refrigerated compartment, services and storing cupboard, frame with runners, etc.

It is also possible to adapt one or two shelves, on columns or integrated in the flue, and add a salamander.

It is possible to integrate all top units of the Royal Chef Modulaire range in a Royal Chef Exclusif range.


  • Single top with rounded front edges, 304 austenitic stainless steel, 30/10 thick
  • Screen printed couloured strips to make your kitchen individual
  • 304 stainless steel cover trim
  • Unit can be manufactured complete with plate rest bar



  • Electrical ignition by continuous sparking (depending on models), standard on hidden burners and optional on open burners
  • Pilot light standard on open and hidden burners
  • Very high performance burners, with thermocouple safety device
  • Mechanical stops on electrical appliance control knobs
  • Easy access of the components from the front, facilitating maintenance

Pleasant appearance

  • Rounded edges on the front


  • Each appliance complies with French standards NF EN 203-1, NF EN 203-2, NF 73-600 and NF C 20-010 (depending on models)
  • Safety protection index IP 359 (appliances with power supply)


  • Self-cleaning drip trays
  • Water tightness of the front panels

Royal Chef Exclusif n° 350
Royal Chef Exclusif n° 350
Royal Chef Exclusif n° 354
Royal Chef Exclusif n° 354
Royal Chef Exclusif n° 309
Royal Chef Exclusif n° 309
Royal Chef Exclusif n° 339
Royal Chef Exclusif n° 339

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