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About Rosinox

The drive for excellence that we have in common with our customers is the result of 175 years' commitment to quality and passion in the catering trade.

Rosinox (Site of Moulon 1958 - 2012)

The ROSINOX personnel all have industrial backgrounds and experience within the Rosinox Group, where they have acquired the know-how and passion for the quality of their work that make a world of difference.

ROSINOX is a leader in terms of hygiene, safety, practicality, adapting the equipment to the job in hand and attractive design. Typical examples can be found in both its Royal Chef ranges, in keeping with the noblest traditions, and in equipment which uses the latest technologies (steam cooking, turbo-steam ovens, pulsed air systems, etc.).

All the ranges of ROSINOX Grandes Cuisines, for washing and cooking, from the Chef 700 to the Royal Chef, benefit from the same technological expertise, a successful combination of know-how and creativity, tradition and innovation.

ROSINOX Grandes Cuisines provides you with the guarantee of quality, service and a well done job.

Important dates in our history:

The first ROSIÈRES forge was created by the Marquis de BOISSY, the owner of the land and the mill and a premier class blacksmith. Furnaces and foundries were subsequently created..Création de la première forge de ROSIÈRES par le propriétaire des terres et du moulin le Marquis de BOISSY premier Maître de Forges. Hauts fourneaux, fonderie font successivement leur apparition.


Another key date for ROSIÈRES, which had the sole manufacturing rights in France and several other countries for the famous AGA cookers, invented in Sweden by Doctor DALEN, the Nobel prize winner.
Numerous different models were produced up until 1966, the most powerful of which were the origin of the Catering Division of ROSINOX at Bourges.


ROSINOX became a subsidiary of ROSIÈRES, and changed its name to ROSINOX Grandes Cuisines de ROSIÈRES.


ROSINOX is acquired by the ALI Group


Rosinox moves to its new site, Parc d'Activités Beaulieu-Ouest in Bourges (near the A71 motorway interchange).



ZAC Beaulieu
rue Marcel Dassault - CS 10026
18020 BOURGES Cedex


Tel. : +33 2 48 70 28 28 – Fax +33 2 48 70 84 26


With more than 40 years experience in the field of professional cold, FRIGINOX, subsidiary of the ALI Group, located in Villevallier in the Yonne department (89), today offers a huge range of products which meet the many expectations of users both in the field of commercial and collective catering, bakery-pastry and food trade.

Groupe ALI